World Class German technology furnace !

Vacuum Furnace Features

Salient features of vacuum heat treatment furnaces from our joint venture partner Systherms GmbH, Germany

Hot Zone

Thermal Insulation

Inner most layer is of hard board graphite backed by flexible graphite felt.

Heating System

Unique design made from graphite plates all round and along the depth. This covers more surface area (as against tubes/ rod type heaters) and ensures most uniform temperature distribution in the work space.

Convective Heating


A separate CC fan mounted on front door for uniform heating under Nitrogen gas up to 2 bar pressure. This ensures better heat transfer during heating in lower temperature range up to 800 degree centigrade. Tempering cycle is also done with convective heating



Cylindrical cooling with all round nozzles. Front insulation on door is also provided with nozzles which can be opened and closed for convective heating and quenching.

Gas Circulation

High capacity water cooled recirculating fan and cooling motor with VFD and high water flow finned heat exchanger for rapid gas quenching.

ISO Quench

Controlled cooling by monitoring surface and core temperature and varying fan motor speed, gas pressure and switching on/off heating.

Quench Pressure

Up to 15 bar absolute Nitrogen

Host Management


Computerised process monitoring and recording of completer cycle and batch reports possible. Remote monitoring and diagnostics from Germany