State-of-the-art lab equipment !


Our QC lab is equipped with state-of-art testing equipment which is engaged in monitoring and measurements of metallurgical parameters as per the customer specifications.

The customer requirements are met by means of inspection reports released by qualified and trained team of metallurgists. Evidence of conformity with acceptance criteria is maintained in each inspection report with traceability and customer confidentiality.

Test Certificate

We carry out Ultrasonic Testing & Magnetic Particle Inspection for heavy machined dies and tools before as well as after heat treatment to check for any cracks/ imperfections and quarantine such material after informing concerned customer.

Microstructure in Pressure Die Casting dies after vacuum heat treatment complies with NADCA (North American Die Casters Association) standard

Our test certificate lists crucial vacuum heat treatment process parameters such as Temperature, Time, Distortion Measurement, Hardness, Cycle number and component/ part image for Traceability.

Equipment for Hardness & Microstructure checking

Sr No. Name Of the Machine Make Used for the operation
1 Micro Hardness Tester Mitutoyo Case depth checking & Microstructure checking.
2 Micro Hardness Tester with Image Analyser Metatech Case depth checking & Microstructure checking.
3 Digital Vernier Gauge Precise Checking small measurement
4 Gas Analyser AMB Electronic Furnace Atmosphere
5 Digital hardness tester RTA Hardness Inspection
6 Belt Grinder Metatech Job surface cleaning.
7 Belt Polisher SSPE Job surface cleaning.
8 Microscope Carl Zeiss Microstructure Analysis.
9 Microscope Lieca Microstructure Analysis.
10 Auto Cut Off Machine, SERVOCUT A-300 Metcon Sample Cutting
11 Cut Off Machine, Chennai Metco - Auto Chennai Metco Sample Cutting
12 Cut Off Machine, METACUT 80 Metatech Sample Cutting
13 Cut Off Machine, METACUT 50 Metatech Sample Cutting
14 Bend Saw Machine Laxmi Engineers Soft Sample Cutting
15 Auto Pneumatic Mtg. Press Scientific Tech Sample Preparation.
16 Auto Pneumatic Mtg. Press Chenai Metco Sample Preparation.
17 Auto Pneumatic Mtg. Press Metcon Sample Preparation.
18 Auto Polishing and Lapping Machine Metcon Sample Preparation.
19 Mounting Press Metatech Sample Preparation.
20 Polishing and Lapping Machine Metatech Sample Preparation.
21 Polishing and Lapping Machine Chenai Metco Sample Preparation.
22 Polishing and Lapping Machine SSPE Sample Preparation.
23 Brinell Hardness Tester Saroj engineering udyog P.Ltd. Surface Hardness Checking.
24 Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester Fuel Instrument Surface Hardness Checking.
25 Portable hardness tester Wilson Surface Hardness Checking.
26 Rockwell Hardness Tester Fine Testing Machines Surface Hardness Checking.
27 Rockwell cum Brinell Hardness Tester Fine Testing Machines Surface Hardness Checking.
28 Rockwell cum super- ficial Hardness Tester Opto-Fine Instruments Surface Hardness Checking.
29 Rockwell cum super- ficial Hardness Tester Fine Testing Machines Surface Hardness Checking.
30 Vickers cum Brinell Hardness Tester Balancing Instruments and Equipment's Surface Hardness Checking.